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My Magic Carpet Flock Kettle Black Washable Rug, Black - 2.5' x 7'

My Magic Carpet Flock Kettle Black Washable Rug, Black - 2.5' x 7'

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MACHINE WASHABLE - Keeping your home clean is a snap with My Magic Carpet rugs. Each rug is designed with convenience and your busy lifestyle in mind. No need to rent special equipment or bother with harsh. unsafe chemicals—our non-slip rugs are entirely machine washable and easily fit in any standard sized washer and dryer. PET AND PLAYTIME FRIENDLY - These durable rugs are entirely life-proof and stand up to every test you and your family throws its way. From spills and potty training to wine night. your new stain-resistant rug protects your flooring with ease so your cats. dogs. and kids can keep doing what they do best. SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY - Rugs are essential to keeping your home clean and for protecting your floors. but cleaning them can be a long and expensive process. Between hiring a cleaner. or dishing out money to rent a machine and do it yourself. expenses accumulate quickly! Clean-up has never been easier or more convenient than ever before. thanks to our revolutionary design that allows you to take control of your home's hygiene. WATERPROOF - Unlike other rugs. My Magic Carpet rugs are not just lovely to look at. they also protect your floors from scratches. spills. and stains! Our rugs come with a waterproof inner lining that prevents liquids from getting through to your floors. keeping them clean and containing the mess. ALL IN ONE RUG - Our exclusive patent pending rug has a non-slip backing (no separate pad needed). is machine washable. stain-resistant and waterproof making it the perfect. hassle-free all in one rug.

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