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0g Net Carb Hero Classic White Bread - 4 Loaves

0g Net Carb Hero Classic White Bread - 4 Loaves

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DELICIOUS REAL BREAD. WITH BENEFITS. Truly. the best thing since sliced bread. Hero Classic White Bread has 0g net carbs. 0g sugar. 45 calories per slice. Go ahead. reinvent your favorite sandwich or toast on Hero Breadâ„¢ and fall in love with bread once again. Made with heart-healthy olive oil. GET MORE FROM YOUR BREAD. Hero Classic White Bread contains 5g protein and 11g dietary fiber per slice. So you can get more of what you need. like prebiotic fiber and protein. and less of what you don't. like net carbs and sugar. MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS. This delicious classic white bread is plant-based and made with natural ingredients. FEEL FREE TO ENJOY YOUR FAVORITE RECIPES. Our favorite recipes using Hero Classic White Bread include pumpkin spice french toast sticks. a warm and gooey grilled cheese and a crispy. flavorful BLT. KEEP IT FRESH. Enjoy within 10 days of receiving or freeze for up to four months. Allow to reach room temperature before eating for the fresh. fluffy taste you expect from Hero Bread.

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